Thursday, September 28, 2006

Physics of Physicality

Ya I stole a glance, or a couple; or more. She was a pure physical presence. Such a presence that overwhelms your thoughts and makes your eyes become superficial.

Mini was the skirt, mini was the top; all black. Black were the hair with a tint of dark brown. The eyes were bluntly covered by huge black sunglasses, shutting down the least possibility of peeping into the inner self. A not so sharp nose was taking a hide beneath the Brobdingnagian presence of the goggles. A gentle matte lipstick was evenly smeared on two delicate lips which were agreeably pressed against each other. She was reading a magazine, presumably a fashion one. Time to time the long thin fingers with the nails polished crimson red were turning the pages as the magazine was resting on the lap. The long stretch of smooth bare legs were arrogantly bidding all attention. But why the blue shoes? Anyways, a perfect ending is not what one always desires.

It was time. With "Aye sala..." in my head and a smile on my face, I got down from the train.

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