Monday, October 09, 2006


Here I am with my deep agile eyes
Like wild deer grazing under a tree.
Rest is a black cloud of cotton sighs;
Burqa is what's there, but no me.

Here I stand, under the scorching sun
Shying away from the eyes of every he.
A gloved hand dwelt by a mobile (seems fun);
More than the myself that is dwelt in the me.

Here I am with my 'equal' religion
One that came to set me free.
O' look you here, my dear dear religion;
Just look what you have done to me!


Zookeeper said...

You poetry is interesting, I understand that your expressing a certain point of view. Just hope you understand the abuse of islam is centralized in certain areas of the world. I am from ethiopia and women are free to be women, playful, beautiful, colourfull. Thats how I see islam and I would really love it if every one tried to be understanding and see it for what it really is. Keep writting...

Crazylogix said...

Thanks for your comment mate. But firstly, a very special thanks for understanding. Nowadays people tend more to curse than understand each other.

I do understand and appreciate your point of view. Keep visiting :)

Elita Karim said...

i hope that ppl all over including the so called mullahs.. wud look at the spiritual meaning in the holy book.. the divine can never be as stupid as we think HIM to be...