Monday, September 25, 2006


Prologue: She wasn't crying when it rained. It was the nature that was sharing her pain which made her lighter.

She isn't crying as the tear comes down her cheek. It's the numbness of the sudden void, it's a droplet of pain. Then comes the showers; she cries.

So many days have passed with the clouds in her mind growing heavier and heavier a day after another. She bore their dark presence with the feeble hope that she may not have to face the thunderstorm. Days have passed carefully protecting the ever fragile Pandora's box; absconding the face of the bitter which nevertheless always left a bitter taste in the mouth.

Yet, the inevitable thunderstorm has hit. It has come with the showers to cleanse her, to rid her of the bitter. But it hurts. It hurts when the hails of memories so warm hit her with harsh chill, one after another. They hurt her as she picks them up for they are so alone with themselves only, and her. Showers after showers, hails after hails.

Epilogue: She won't cry when the sun shines. For now she has the memories that are preserved. She will warm them up in her own heart as they live forever with her existence. Now NOBODY can ever deny her of them.

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